View Full Version : Rebuilt Champion 6 engine and trans to South Bend - any interest?

07-12-2012, 03:44 PM
I have a fully rebuilt 170 6 engine, DG auto trans, and torque converter that I can bring to South Bend. If I don't have any interest before hand I likely won't worry about hauling them up there.

Dave Thibeault built both the engine and trans, and he told me that they came out of a '51 convertible. Tom Elliott bought the setup from him a couple of years back and never put it in anything.

I'd like to get $4000 for the setup. Tom paid a lot more than that for it but we need it gone. I'd also consider splitting up the engine from the trans and selling them separate. $2500 for the engine and $1500 for the trans/torque converter/bell housing. Offers are considered.

I also have a NOS, still in the crate 170 short block (good for a rebuildable core), as well as a NOS 3 speed OD trans for a 170 powered truck that I would sell pretty reasonable.