View Full Version : '58 Packard hardtops- buy one get two more free

06-11-2012, 04:08 PM
The Kirby collection includes three '58 Packard hardtops. The first one is blue and white, mostly complete, A/T, rusty, but not extreme- could be brought back with a really serious effort. The free ones- a black and white one, AT, clock, radio, TT rear, good tail light lenses, damaged right rear quarter, no engine of transmission. And the third one- very incomplete, extremely rusty- engine, transmission, p/s, p/b still in the hulk, hood OK- doubt if anything else is usable. $750 for the three (and they have to be removed- cannot part on site- EPA mandate).
If you're not familiar with the Kirby collection, Torrey Kirby bought just about any orphan he could find with the intent of "saving" them. At the time of his passing two weeks ago the collection totalled 106 cars. Since the state of West Virginia required him to get a salvage yard license (even though it was a private collection), that made him subject to EPA scrutiny. They were forcing him to get rid of all the cars except those in garages or daily use cars. They were being pretty lenient on him, but we don't know how they will react when they learn of his death.
Please contact me by PM is you are seriously interested and can move the cars quickly.

06-11-2012, 04:54 PM
paul call me about these