View Full Version : Studebaker dealer signs available....reasonable!!

Studebaker Wheel
04-28-2012, 01:58 AM

In the past I noted that some members have expressed an interest in owning some Studebaker signs for display in the garage, basement or den. Of course acquiring original porcelain signs is a pretty expensive proposition as prices for good examples go for $2000 and up. A few years ago I had many of the more popular signs replicated on foam board. They were all true to the original in size, color and shape. Once on the wall they cannot be distinguished from the real thing and at about 1/20the the cost! I sold some at the few swap meets I attend every year but did not advertise them since I did not want to be involved in packaging and shipping since they are subject to cracking or breaking unless securely packaged. I am including a few images showing some of the signs that I have had made. If anyone is interested I can make the sign of your choice and deliver it to the Intl meet in July. Prices are determined by size but the average cost is from $80 to $100. I will have a few of them on display at Bob Schmidt’s space at the South Bend swap meet next week. I can supply prices for any of those shown (and more) if you wish to send me a pm.