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04-27-2011, 11:55 AM
I was just wondering, are any forum members going the Rhinebeck show and flea market next month?
I'll be there on Saturday, May 7th, primarily to peruse the flea market. Since my other antique car is a Ford, Model A, there are a couple of Model A parts vendors there. I enjoy the fact that I can do the whole flea market in a day.

04-27-2011, 01:25 PM
I have gone to Rhinebeck most years that it has been held.

My inclination to go has decreased each year due to a variety of reasons.
1) The parking is far out (you do enough walking once you are on the Fairgrounds). The parking lot is terrible if there has been any wet weather in the preceding days. They often use tractors to haul cars out.
2) Studebakers are relegated to a far out corner of the show field with foreign makes.
3) The show has been divided into two shows. The stock classes are on Sunday and the modifieds are on Saturday. You have to go two days if you are interested in both, as I am.
4) The scheduled hours are shorter on Sunday and many vendors are done by noon, yet they charge you the same $10 just to walk in.

I went last year mostly to see and sit in the GM Futureliner. I am undecided about this year. It will be weather dependant. I always see people that I know and have a good time. It has been years since I have found/purchased Studebaker parts there. I have purchased Studebaker toys, models and literature in more recent years.