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52 Ragtop
04-17-2011, 11:00 PM
There was a car show up in Rockford this past weekend, with several Studes entered. On Friday my old "Power Lab" teacher Ron "rusty with oil" Johnson had his VERY freshly restored 56 Golden Hawk up early for "it's" TV debut! A preview was aired in the Rockford area on the early morning news.
I just heard from Ron, Here is his email to me.

Big show over now--#45 V8 midget looked good for being run for 10 years. (Ron's car too) There were 6 Indy cars there--two from early 30's --one a big Miller 4 and the other a Miller V16 with 8 Miller leakers on top--virtually priceless cars. Also the immaculate "DON LEE" special--look it up. It was the car in the movie "To Please A Lady"--a kind of hokey race film with Clark Gable and Barbara Stanwyk done back around 51 or so. I helped load the beast so got a shot at sitting in the cockpit---actually on the same interior the famous Clark placed his A on. I sat there thinking the guys ran 150+ in those things--talk about a set of testicalia. Unreal those guys were. No Danica for those cars.
This is a really nice show with > 130 very nice machines--no wheat. Gordy (Buetsch) had the blue 53 dragcar and I was right across from him between a couple of flatheads and next to a 51 red bullet convertible--V8-stick OD and next to that was a 24"? Stud BIG 6 sport touring. What a majestic black beauty it was--took top of show if I recall. Gordy got the "best racecar" and there were MANY of them including the Indy cars, but the fans kind of like "cars" I guess.
"Best" post-war car went to a Ceramic green/white, SKYPOWER 352 56J-K7. I guess the old hack looks pretty good to the fans and it was in with some awesome company--cars with a far higher point than mine, but they are not as eye-catching as the mighty G Hawk.---It appears appreciation finally arrives after 55 years.
I don't get hyped up much about all that stuff, but it is nice to know the fans of cars like it. And it will never look better than it does today, cause the old hack is going to be driven.

I remember helping Ron with his Hawk a "few" years ago! (like 1971 or so) He bought the Hawk from none other that Bob Kaptyain.
Ron is also the reason i got into Studes!!


04-17-2011, 11:04 PM
I hope to see some pictures of it, 1956 Golden Hawks are as good as it gets!