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03-13-2011, 09:57 PM
A friend of mine that is restoring a 55 Champion, has run into a road block, he has 2 flat head sixes, both in pretty good shape, one is for the car he's restoring and a spare. He doesn't have a clue which one is correct (nor do I). The numbers are 1548332-4, another # on the block is 25M, and a stamped # si3687. the other motor #'s are 5336706, j711, and stamped ii75733. The body # is 16g6-f4 4924. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thx, Anthony Jarman

Dwain G.
03-13-2011, 11:45 PM
Good job! Most people can't find all those numbers.
The first engine is a 1959, but I think the block casting number will be 1548965 on closer inspection. The date code and the stamped serial number SI3687 indicate early 1959 production.
The second engine is a 1955, and that casting number should be 533870. The date code and the serial number II75733 indicate production very late in the model year.
What appears to you as a letter 'I' is actually used as a numeral '1' on Studebaker serial numbers. The last number or numbers after the dash in the casting numbers was used by the Studebaker foundry to track a particular batch of castings.
On the body tag, 16G6 indicates a 1955 Champion. F is a two-door sedan. 4 is the trim level (Deluxe) for a late body style car with the wrap-around windshield. If it was an early body car it would be an F3. The sequintial body number is rarely used for any purpose. It might occasionally be quoted in a parts book, for mostly it is pretty much insignificant.