View Full Version : 2nd Annual York Hooters Lunch , Sat. Noon. I'm buying the wings!!

Bob Andrews
03-02-2011, 07:39 PM
Mentioned in a couple other threads, but just a reminder: You are invited to join us for lunch at Hooters, Loucks Rd (a.k.a. Rt. 30, Memorial Highway) this Saturday at high Noon. From the Fairgrounds you can turn left (west) to Rt. 30, then go North to 703 Loucks Rd, on the left. Or you can take Pennsylvania Ave North from the Fairgrounds to 30, and Hooters is on that corner.

On the off chance someone doesn't know, Hooters has a sandwich-type menu, but are known for their fabulous wings (my favorite ANYWHERE!), fried pickle chips, etc. And yes, pretty waitresses in semi-skimpy outfits; but not enough to preclude family attendance. The wings are so good that I have a standing mandate to bring some home to my brother anytime I'm going to be at a Hooters:)

Yes, I crave the wings, but mostly it's an excuse to get together, have fun hanging out, eating, having a beverage or two, and did I mention eating?? <G> As mentioned, I'm buying the wings- TWO of them! The attendees are invited to divide and enjoy both of them amongst yourselves! (NOTE: More wings than two are available by order, at slight additional cost;))

Last year was our First Annual, and while we had hoped for a little bigger turnout, still had a good time. This year a lot more have mentioned joining in; the more the merrier! Here's hoping you all will join us; we can eat, have a few laughs, then head back to the Fairgrounds where you can all take pictures of me in the raffle Avanti I will be winning...

So come on over for lunch. Tee-totalers and ladies all welcome. Heck, if you order just a salad, we won't razz you too much.......;)

See you at the Meet, then see you at Hooters!!

03-02-2011, 08:13 PM
Group photo in front of Old Main at 11:30. Hooters at Noon.

Bob Andrews
03-03-2011, 05:22 AM
Group photo in front of Old Main at 11:30. Hooters at Noon.

Sounds like the perfect plan, Brad!

One thing about every meet of any size I've ever attended: I always leave having missed out on meeting up with at least a few people I had intended to see:( This lunch meet gives everyone a better chance to at the very least put a face with the name. Oh, and did I mention they have good food?<G>

If you intend to go, drop me a quick note at bams50@msn.com or post here so I can try to ballpark the head count. If it's a big number I can see that they group us all together.