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01-01-2011, 01:41 AM
Fourth of seven, this is Jason Michaels car. make sure you check out his web page link at the bottom.



After WWII ended, the automobile industry was scrambling to get cars into production to meet the demand of a nation that had not produced new cars since January of 1942. Most manufacturers “carried over” their pre-war designs with minor trim updates in order to meet the demand. Studebaker had made the decision to be the “First by far, with a post war Car”. It did exactly that and the 1947 Studebaker was nothing like the competition. This basic body style served the company well until the 1952 model year. The most recognizable cars of the era were the “Bullet Noses” of 1950 and 1951. Now THAT’s cool.
Alan and Jason Michaels, a father and son team, started restoration on this stock 9G W3 Studebaker Champion DeLuxe Sedan in 2007.

The car, affectionately known as "Doc," is a stock Studebaker Champion featuring a three-speed (with overdrive) 85 horse-power L-shaped straight-six engine. Modifications to the car are far and few between and include a back-up mechanical fuel pump and modern radio interior primed for MP3 input. All other parts are either native to the car, new old stock, or reproduction parts made to the car's original specification.
Since acquiring this Chico, CA car, the Michaels' have researched, machined, sanded, replaced, and paid their way to a solid weekend driver.
Their intention is to drive and enjoy this car with the entire family ... and to spread the word about "the next look" in cars.
You can read more about Studebakers at Jason’s web site www.StudebakerGuide.com.

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Thanks Jon.

All of the cars on display are too good to be missed. Thanks for including our car.