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09-04-2010, 06:16 AM
;) We pretty well kicked it off with IDYSD. We could not have picked a worse day to to have it here in Victoria, Australia. We have been in drought for about 12 years, but just recently it has begun to improve, but today the heavens opened up. we had a run to Kilmore for a pub lunch, aprox 50 miles from Melbourne. Only 5 of us were silly enough to take our Studebakers, and about 8 brand X's braved the torential rain, and had a really nice day. On the way home on the Hume Highway, we passed a really serious accident. a holden commadore had rolled and parts of the car were scattered all over the road. I hope the occupants of the vehicle were ok. Emergency Services were on the scene, so there was no reason for us to stop and probably get in the way. I did receive my IDYSD 'T' shirt during the afternoon, and I am wearing it now, as I type this report out. Hey you guys, enjoy your day, and I hope that the weather is better than what we endured !!!