View Full Version : Back from being gone...

09-01-2010, 03:15 PM
Well, I've been absent lately from the forum due to school starting and that my mom got a new house (not bad, a mile away! :) ) Anyway, back for now.

My '40 is also having "issues" with the fuel system, again... For now, it has a temporary fix for the fuel pickup off the gas tank from the bottom of the tank. I know this is not a good set up because moisture and other junk can get in the line, but it worked to get it to a car show when I needed to drive it. (I plan on relocating the line this week) Saturday I went to start it. No start. I thought this was odd because I drove it the night before to get gas. So I did simple checkes of the engine starting with fuel to the carb. For some reason, it had no fuel coming to the carb at all! It turns out that the line in between the fuel pump and the tank was either clogged or had some kind of air in it or something because no gas would come out of it! After literally beating on the fuel line, it started. Hopefully it will run for IDYSD! (If not, I'm pushing the Turtle in the front yard! ;) )