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07-11-2010, 11:43 PM
July 10th, 2010 – Day 4

(I’m writing this early Sunday morning kind of in the dark so as to not wake Bob. I also have to think – good Lord, at 6 on a Sunday morning?!?! – about the events of yesterday.)

I awoke early as usual and did my morning “thing.” When I woke Bob sometime after 7, I told him that I was going to go to a nearby gas station to fuel up. Later, we had breakfast, packed the car and headed for Eldon Hostetler’s Hudson Museum (its official name.) To say the museum was fantastic doesn’t do it justice, but there’s much more to this little story than that. We had entered the exhibit and looked at only a few of the earliest Hudsons, when an elderly gentleman came up to two other fellows, Bob and me and handed us his card. It was Mr. Hostetler himself. For the next 2 hours, he gave us his own guided tour and told us of his life as an inventor and manufacturer of automatic chicken feeders and waterers. What a treat! As an added; plus, Mr. Hostetler invited us to step over the barriers to get up close and personal with his beautiful automobiles. He also gave us a tour of the convention facilities that share the building with the museum. Let me tell you, it’s large enough for a Zone meet or even an international one. It’s set up to seat – and feed – eight hundred people!

Late in the afternoon, we returned to Grace and took a look at the road atlas to select our route to Indianapolis. I remembered that Jim Turner had sent me an email when I first wrote on the Forum about our intended trip inviting us to stop by his Noblesville, Indiana home if we had time. I gave him a call and asked if the invitation still stood. (Of course it did; he’s part of the SDC family.) We arrived at 6 PM, a bit later than I had anticipated because we took county roads instead of major highways. Boy, they sure grow corn tall in Indiana! Jim introduced us to his wife, Jody, and asked us if we wanted to go downtown for Noblesville’s weekly impromptu cruise-in on the town square and a bit to eat. He didn’t have to ask us twice. The added bonus is that the four of us motored there in his ’52 convertible. Top down air conditioning beats four-sixty A/C any day! We had a delightful time at Don Carlos pizza place, remaining there until most of the cars had left the square.

Bob and I were going to continue our drive down to Indy and get a room for the night, but Jim and Jody invited us in to talk for a while. That “while” turned into a couple of hours and it was approaching midnight when we finally decided to call it a night. The Turners invited us to spend the night (we have a guest room, but you’ll have to share the bed), but we opted for a hotel. (Come on, I haven’t shared a bed with my brother since our ages were single digits.) Jim said he’d lead us as we’re unfamiliar with the area. He guided us to a Fairfield Inn. While I remained in the car with the engine running, Bob went inside to inquire about a room. He was inside quite a while. When he came out, it was with bad news; because of a concert in the area, all the rooms in the hotel and the ones in the surrounding area were booked full. He grabbed his AAA tour book and went back inside, ostensibly to find another hotel. Meanwhile, Grace is idling and not charging her battery. (I have to say here that when we left the Turner house for dinner and the cruise-in, Jim put Grace’s battery on his charger. We talked at length about what her problems could be.)

Just as Bob and Jim came out of the hotel with a plan to head south for another hotel, Grace just stopped running. Try as we might – with ether and a 12-volt jump from Jim’s Dodge pick-up – Grace just said I’m not going anywhere tonight. While I steered, Jim and Bob pushed her to a vacant parking space, and we closed her up for the night. The invitation to spend the night at the Turner residence still stood and was a welcome alternative to spending the night like a homeless person sleeping in the car. (Cathy – while I miss you terribly, I am so glad you aren’t with me right now. Not only would you be completely PO’ed with me for talking you into taking another misadventure in an old car, I could probably never talk you into looking at another old car – let alone get into Grace – or ever get you to another zone or chapter meet.)

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Okay, inquiring minds want to know if you and brother shared the bed, or flipped for the bed and the loser got the floor.

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52 Ragtop
07-12-2010, 08:31 PM
You Sir! will never live that one down!! LOL