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07-10-2010, 05:03 PM
I have read various threads on here about fuel pumps and have learned a lot. I just recently was able to get my 1950 on the road. After about 80 miles of short trips it started running rough and would hardly make it over a hill. When starting off, if I would wind it up very little in first and second, about the time I would put it in high, it would act like it was out of gas but then it would take hold and go. Also, sometimes it would not start without priming, if it was warm. It started without even giving it gas when I first got it on the road! I am getting about 3 pounds of pressure from the fuel pump. The carb has not been professionally adjusted since being rebuilt since it isn't running good enough to take it to the garage that rebuilt it-off the car.

I am planning on putting an electric fuel pump on the car but want to use it only to fill the carb prior to starting and if I have a problem with vapor lock. I plan to have a switch inside the car.

The one I bought is an AIRTEX and it puts out 5 to 8 pounds and according to the Studebaker manual, 5 should be the maximum. I called the company that manufactured it and the fellow said that the company has started making one that puts out 2.5-4 pounds pressure. (He said that changes in the voltage is what changes the pressure one gets. )

I will be getting the lower pressure one when it comes in, nest week.

I am wondering if I should also install a new regular pump since the one on the car is only doing 3 pounds?
Also, there is a combination of neoprene and copper line leading from the new steel line I installed up to the engine compartment from the tank. Should I use mostly steel or copper, or neoprene in this area to avoid vapor lock?

Thanks to all those who are willing to try to help me.

07-10-2010, 05:23 PM
Jim, as much hard line as possible, will eliminate the clamped, hose to line connections which can draw air and reduce your pressure. I can't tell you which one insulates the heat out the best however. Do you have the heat shield in place above the fuel pump?
I am sure you know that originally the car came with one of those braided flex lines firmly connected with brass fittings from the hard line from the tank to the fuel pump and they can still be bought or replaced with two hose nipples and a piece of fuel hose which may be what you have, but those need to be pretty tight and not used in more than one or two places max in the line or you could be asking for trouble down the road. The factory used all steel lines, no neoprene, it makes a handy place to put the clothespins when they overheat & vapor-lock! :D

I believe that a New Airtex mechanical Champion pump SHOULD do way better than that, and it may not be making a long enough stroke or something else is not right with it. If you tried another one and it fixed it, that should be enough reason to return it for credit.

07-10-2010, 06:01 PM
Here is a pic of my homemade heat deflector. More if you want.


07-10-2010, 09:33 PM
Thanks for the picture. I need to make one for mine.