View Full Version : Seeking any info I can get on this 63 lark.

06-25-2010, 07:22 AM
I looked at this 2 dr lark yesterday, has a 259, with 4 speed, owner says it is factory 4 speed, numbers on the pillar are 63v27332, firewall 63v-f6 849 engine number is v-585023. Any info would be great , thanks in advance, Allen

06-25-2010, 07:26 AM
Without going any further, you have a rare Custom trim two door sedan, similar to 'The Tomato'.


06-25-2010, 08:52 AM
Engine number is about right for that serial number, so it is probably the car's original engine.

4-speed can't be confirmed without the car's original Production Order, although you could post close-up photos of the installation and anything cobbled (i.e., not factory) might be noted. Factory 4-speed would be confirmed by the presence (or remnants) of a streamer under one of the body tag screws under the hood, said streamer saying 4-speed. However, as has been noted here, many legitimate factory 4-speed cars did not have the 4-speed streamer, so the streamer can be used only to confirm the original build, not to "unconfirm" (deny) the original build.

Yes, as Craig says, the car is in good company: It is the same model as both The Stude Tomato and Richard Poe's Charcoal R1 / 4-speed. Ted Harbit has The Stude Tomato, but Richard Poe has the NAAK (Naturally-Aspirated A** Kicker)!

'Nice combo for a driver on today's gasoline if it is a factory 259 / 4-speed. BP

R3 challenger
06-25-2010, 09:36 AM
I have the production order for 63V-27332 in front of me. Here is the data:

63V-27,332, engine #V-585023, body #849, Custom 63VF6, all of which agrees with what you've listed. The option list included Ermine White paint, Red Vinyl interior with matching inserts, 4-speed trans, bucket seats, undercoating, twin traction, climatizer, wheel discs, and seat belts. No radio, although one may have been installed later. The destination is listed as Stroudsburg, PA, and final assembly was 4-8-63.

Interesting car. In my production order research, I've found that a surprising number of 259-powered 1963/64 Studes were made with 4-speed transmission. Not thousands, of course, but not as rare as one of the nine R3 Avantis, either......maybe a couple hundred for each year.

Good luck,


06-25-2010, 01:25 PM
Per George's observation about 4-speeds behind 259s: This is not surprising.

Beginning in 1961, the entire domestic car market was going 4-speed crazy...you could even get "four on the floor" in a 1963 Falcon SIX, for Pete's sake...or for anyone else's sake, for that matter. The 4-speed availability was one marketing reality that helped the Corvair Monza find its knitch, when it didn't really prove to be the product to compete with the Ford Falcon, as originally intended.

As such, Studebaker dealers could get in the game pretty cheap by ordering 4-speed, bucket-seat, 259 V-8 cars. They were quick and sporty, and a buyer could add duals and a 4-bbl pretty easy.

The MSRP for a 1963 Lark Custom 2-door with 259 V-8, bucket seats, 4-speed transmission, and Climatizer, was only $2,685, plus freight. 'Not bad for a car as well-trimmed as was a 1963 Lark Custom. BP