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07-25-2006, 04:15 PM
My brother is coming to visit this week, so I am getting my daily
driver 224,000 mile Camaro polished up a bit. I have a host of things
I have been putting off for the last few years as I rack up the miles.
First order of business was to buy new tires, the 275/40R17s were now
slicks, and I didnt want to hand the car over like that. As with a
lot of things car rated, one item turned into another. The tire shop
did a free alignment check, and found that the camber and toe were out
of spec. I have also been putting off shocks, so I decided to just
get new shocks and struts since the front end must be aligned after.
I picked up the shocks and struts through the lifetime warrenty, but I
had to go to the next town since the local store was out of stock. I
got home, and swapped the rear shocks (they are easy). I was met with
a problem on the second shock, there was no nut or lock washer in the
plastic bag, only the shoulder bolt and spacer. I ran inside to wash
up and jet over to Home Depot but it was after 9pm - they were closed.
I began the search in the garage of all the nuts and bolts I had in my
assortment of tins and boxes - no such luck. Finally, about to throw
in the towel, I saw sitting in the corner a lone old lugnut. I picked
it up and checked it on the bolt and IT THREADED ON PERFECT! After a
little more searching I found single lock washer also. So now my '93
Camaro Z28 drivers side rear shock is held in place by a 40 year old
Studebaker lug nut.


07-26-2006, 12:11 AM
It's like everyone always said, Studebaker was ahead of its time.

Don Wilson
53 Commander Hardtop
64 Champ 1/2 ton
Centralia, WA