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07-23-2006, 12:30 PM
On vacation a couple of weeks ago the fam and I drove up US395 from San Diego to Tahoe. There's this antique - yard, really, not a store - in Four Corners, a crossroads town that only really exists because it used to be a Santa Fe crew change point.

Anyway, outside the yard was this forlorn little Lark VIII 4-door. Except for the drivers fender, it was pretty straight and complete. Lots of other cool stuff in that yard too ;)



Clark in San Diego
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07-23-2006, 12:53 PM
I need to find a real bargain basement 59 or 60 Lark 4-dr like this. One that's solid but needs help. I would like to doll it up a bit and hand it over to my Lark-loving nephew one day.:)

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07-23-2006, 01:23 PM
Sounds like a perfect candidate :) I'll bet it's even driveable, if the motor turns. And only about 3 hours from you :D


Clark in San Diego
'63 Lark Standard

07-24-2006, 12:45 AM
Back in October I was on my home from Fallon, Nv. (in 'Sweet Pea'~ the '65) and stopped in to 'check it out'. Saw it on the way up, but didn't have the time at that time. Interesting antique store they got there as well!

After some time taking a look around the store, I asked about the Stude. It belongs to a friend who lives out back, but was out of 'town' at the time. It used to be a daily driver, and got hit (as you see in the photo) shortly after the restoration. On the back of the card I wrote "V8/auto (259?)", and can't remember why. I may have never gotten the hood up to check the serial number. As I recall it didn't look too bad, nice interior, recent brake work (seem to remember a finned drum or two...), and the whole 'nine'. It had been sitting there for long enough that it'll need some work to drive again. I have no price on the business card, so I'll bet it was either too high, or I never actually got one~ I'd go with the latter as I never talked to the owner.

All I can say is plan to stay if you go, they have quite the shop out back (or shall I say hanger?)!!! There is an airstrip on the property, and he's restoring a plane or two in there with all the cars/trucks/tanks as well. Yup I said TANKS, and Jeeps and a few other WWII era Army rides! I have the contact info here if you're interested.

In an un-related note, I will be heading back up to Fallon late this week, and will pass by once again~ only this time maybe in 'Baby', my '57 Commander!!!

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