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07-15-2006, 09:09 PM
Thought I would get my car before posting any messages. Just got my 1950 Studebaker from a Craigslist seller from Thornton, Colorado. It was delivered yesterday by a car hauler from Colorado Mike Gates. Very nice man with a very nice rig. To let yaw know something about this ole man. I am 65 years young, and looking for something to keep me active. I have been into restorations since 2000, when I restored a 1967 Dodge Charger that is top of the line muscle car with a 383 4BBL engine. My older daughter Kimberly (37) will get that car when I can no longer drive her. I'm the original owner of the Charger. My yougest daughter, Melony (29) will get a 1959 Impala Convertible with a 348 tri-power engine straight gear on the tree to keep the fussing down between the two younguns. Took me 10 months to restore the Charger and 5 years to restore the Impala. The Impala is the kning of the roost though being appraised at $150,000.00 and since that project is over, I have to get into something else. Can't sit down and start that TV watching routine again. I got the 1950 Studebaker to once again enjoy some of my youthful ventures. My Dad traded a 1934 Plymouth for a 1950 Studebaker 4 door Champion back in 1950. I was 9 years old then, and my younger brother was 7, sister was 11 and older brother was 13. Dad used to kick the tires on the Plymouth and check the water and oil and put a gallon of water and gallon of gas in the trunk before going anywhere over 25 miles back then, along with packing a picnic lunch and a thermous of water, or maybe carry a watermelon if the season was in. When he got the Studebaker with that fancy thing called OVERDRIVE and with those side vents that he called the air conditioner, we all were in hog heaven. We took our first trip away from home you might say, the summer of 1950, to Carolina Beach (on the Atlantic coast) All 6 of us was taking a trip futher than 25 miles. Are we there yet Ma? When we gonna get there Diddy? He stopped at a roadside stand and got watermelons. We had to carry them on our laps since the trunk was already full of vegatables from our garden along with our suitcases, and towels and bed linens. Boy was I surprised when we got there to see all of that water. Memories? You betchum. Diddy gave his 50 Studebaker to my younger brother when he bought a 60 Dodge Dart in 1960. Larry painted the Studebaker with my dad's spraygun that he used to paint houses with. Talking about a messy paint job? It was changed from an Aqua Green to a Carolina Blue with runs galore. Now when I do a restoration, it is a top of the line type restoration, with every detail taken into consideration. Since this is my first post, I hope the picture will take place of what I am starting out with ie:


~ Don ~

Don Dodson

07-15-2006, 09:58 PM

Welcome to the forum. Looks like a solid project that will turn more heads than the Charger when it's done. I guess this will be a labor of love as you know it will never command the price of the Impala. I wanted a 1950 as it was the year of my birth but stumbled onto my 51 at the right price and condition.

I hope you've joined SDC to get the monthly Turning Wheels, ordered chassis and body catalogs and shop manual.

Let us know how we can help.

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07-16-2006, 07:58 AM
Brad, thanks for the response. I have looked high and low trying to find out how to join the SDC, and I keep coming up on empty. I already have the manuals that I got from Studebaker International Inc.
Can you or anyone give me a hint on how to join the Studebaker Drivers Club? Clicking on the Studebaker wheel above and to the left doesn't help a bit.

Don Dodson

07-16-2006, 08:05 AM
On the home page of this site, on the left column is "About/Join SDC".

Use this link:


From that page, click on "Join SDC or renew your membership now".

Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
33 Rockne 10
51 Commander Starlight
53 Commander Starlight
previously: 63 Cruiser, 62 Regal VI, 60 VI convertible, 50 LandCruiser

07-16-2006, 09:33 AM
Welcome to the Forum!

Looks like you have a great start on your Studebaker dream. I'm retired now, 66 years old and back working on my 53 Starliner. Best of luck with your project.


Bob Feaganes (stude53)
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Newton Grove, NC

07-16-2006, 05:26 PM
Thank you for sharing your memories with us Don and the picture of your new project. I hope you plan to share your progress with lots of pictures along the way - good luck!

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07-16-2006, 05:56 PM
Looks like a pretty solid candidate to start with. I'm sure you'll do it proud!;) Get some watermelons for inspriation.[:p]

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07-16-2006, 06:56 PM
Don - Welcome to the wonderful world of Studebakers. You can join SDC from this site and as a new member, you get the special introductory price of $19.95.
We have a couple of things in common. I am a bit older than you and I also bought a fastback Charger new. When I saw the Charger II show car at the NY World's Fair, I knew all that they had to do was lop off some of the back end and put it into production. When the factory representative near the car learned that I owned a 1965 Sport Fury hardtop, 383, 4-speed, he quizzed me a lot about my opinions on the car. I pestered the local dealers until I could order one. I had a 1966 Charger with 361 and AT. It was an excellent car. I put 150K miles on it in nine years, with almost no repair (one water pump). My family never had a Studebaker before me, but I have made up for that. I have owned more than 50. I have really lost count. I have been saying "more than 50" for years.

Gary L.
Wappinger, NY
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07-16-2006, 10:23 PM

There is a man with a 1950 Stude 4 door near Bloomington Illinois that is asking $200 for a parts car. You might want to check into this vehicle if it is close enough for you to pursue. Here is the contact info:

Bruce Bennet <jtlark63@yahoo.com>

Good luck and let me know if this works out for you.


Tim Porter
Hebron Illinois
1950 Champion 2dr