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07-06-2006, 02:09 PM
Hi Bob!

Will there be a special webpage or anything during the international meet that will cover what's going on? Is there any chance we could see live streaming of any events or speeches or anything? Could there be an online bulletin board or something like that during the meet for people at the meet?

I want to go badly, but I don't know if I'll get to make it.

07-06-2006, 06:54 PM
Because there is always a separate web site for the International Meets (www.sdcmeet.com) we typically refrain from duplicating information here on the general SDC site so as to not cause confusion if information changes. We do, of course, promote the IMs on our home page and on the International Meets page...but the details are generally reserved for the SDC Meet site. However, cross-promoting is a good thing and the IM Committee and host chapter folks are encouraged to send in updates and PR releases, etc. for me to post to the "news" section or they can post it themselves here in the forum.

You are the first to bring up webcasts. I'd not thought of it and doubt that anyone else has either. I admit that I know little about live webcast technology and costs but can make some inquiries. Perhaps someone here on the forum has some insight in that area? I suspect that webcasting is only suitable for those with FAAAAST broadband Internet. Still, I think it's an idea worth checking out.

I hope that every forum member that has a laptop will take it to the Meet. Most every hotel now has Internet access these days and it would be nice to get daily updates on Meet activities (from the "hydration station" and meetings to tours and pics). I plan to be there for two or three days (which ones still unknown) and will have my trusty Powerbook with me at all times. I can and will post updates and "Bobservations" as often as possible. I'd bet others will do the same. Last year in Spokane, the host hotel had a computer station in the lobby for Internat access. If the Omahs host hotel offers this service it would be a good way for anyone to post Meet uopdates to the forum.

If desired, I could create a "sticky" OMAHA INTERNATIONAL MEET topic to appear during the week of the meet so all the posts could be organized in one easier to find place...kinda like having its own bulletin board, but simpler to put up and take down when done.

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07-06-2006, 10:00 PM
I do sort of remember that some earlier meets had a website (Sacramento for one), but I didn't know it was managed separately. I suppose that does make sense.

If the economics allow, I'm sure that many members would love to be able to see some real time streaming online. That might be especially meaningful for less mobile members and those overseas who have never been able to attend a meet.