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12-19-2004, 05:13 AM
What did Studebaker do with windshield molding application on Hawks?
Conversation with George K. ---
Hi Kerry, I looked at the pic on the Turning Wheels and then saw the
front cover...and became totally confooosed..
So I did a little digging and found out that the earlier cars (pre Hawk)
used some of the wide moulding and the GT hawks went back to it. The
other Hawks used the narrow stuff. The front cover car on the June 2004
issue has the wide moulding even though it is a 61! Only thing I can
figure out is that it is a Canadian built car (says it's from Canada in
the text) or someone put the wide stuff on there.
Anyway, both parts Hawks I have are wearing the narrow stuff and so is
MY car. All the ones I looked at in the pics I have here use the narrow
moulding. Sounds like a great question for the forum, eh?
The Golden Hawk used the wide moulding....

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12-23-2004, 01:13 PM
I decided to reply even though I'm not an expert. But I know how lonely it can be to come back to the SDC site every day and not see any replies. My question on wheels for my '54 coupe hasn't been responded to either!

Studebaker created both windshield moldings in 1953 for the C/K coupe. They used the wide moulding with the K (hardtop) since it "blended" into the bright metal vent window, side window frames, and door trim. This formed a continous sweep of bright work around the car. They also used it on the "Regal" coupe (C), which had bright moldings around the door posts to give the same effect. The base model (Deluxe) didn't have any bright work around the doors, so it got the narrow moulding.

Studebaker used both window mouldings in different ways throughout the "Hawk" years. The '60 and '61 came only as a coupe, and are always shown with the narrow moulding. They returned to the wide moulding in '62, as the new G.T. was again a hardtop.

If you have a '61 with wide moulding it does seem to be incorrect, unless the "Canadian" explaination fits.

BTW, most of this information was researched in John Bridges terrific book called "Studebaker's Finest" (still in print)

Don Maurizio

12-25-2004, 08:12 AM
Thanks for the info. I will have to re-read my John Bridge's book, I haven't read it in a few years.

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