View Full Version : '63 Champ FS in WA

11-09-2004, 02:48 PM
This from Tom Noller......

"Our Greater Seattle chapter newsletter editor and former Studebaker
employee, Bill Schiffer, emails:

Have been called about a 1963 Champ. Has an OHV 170" engine, and what
looks like a straight 3 speed. Owner says that it MUST be gotten out of a back yard by "early December". I have taken a look at the truck, which "was running when parked in '95"

It seems to be a solid truck, both door glass's gone, windshield intact, solid cab floor from what I could see. usuall rust, but not extensive. My opinion is that it is not worth too much, but may be worth saving for someone who wants a Champ project. Outside storage, up on blocks and under a tarp all this time.

I have agreed to act as point of inquiry so that anyone interested can e-mail me.

Bill Schiffer
Bill's email is bischiffer(at)mindspring.com "