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04-23-2010, 06:03 PM
This ad appeared in the January 1946 issue of the automotive trade magazine Motor. Copy underneath this illustration said that, "That new building you see nearing completion in the picture above shows you only one step in the great $16,000,000.00 expanded production program that's underway at Studebaker. Before long, not only new buildings,but also new factory equipment and machines, new conveyor systems, advanced foundry installations and extensive retooling and modernization of existing plants will enable Studebaker to surpass substantially its pre-war output of fine cars and trucks.This expansion program is one reason why Studebaker dealers face the future so confidently. And commencing soon, the most intensive merchandising and advertising campaign in Studebaker history will throw a strong and steady spotlight on Studebaker style, economy and superior value.STUDEBAKER South Bend 27, Indiana, U.S.A. America's Friendliest Factory" http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4054/4546905232_0a1b4770d0.jpg

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It's important to remember that the purchasing power of a dollar in 1946 was a lot greater than a dollar currently. Using a handy online calculator, it takes $11 on a 2009 basis to equal the purchasing power of a $1 in 1946. So $16,000,000 in 1946 was like spending $176,000,000 today, quite a sizeable investment for a company and a testimony to how strong the Studebaker company was willing to make a post war investment.

Here's link for the "dollar value" calculator ...



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Which building was this?

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That should be the 2 story addition attached to the south side of the body plant. When the addition was completed, the recieving area that the rail road tracks serviced were covered by a roof which spanned from the Body Plant to the addition. Come to S.B. and you can still see it, it's one of the few buildings still standing. The photo was taken looking to the ESE and the long four section building in the background is where the Champ trucks and Avantis were built.


The building in question is #113. the long building running N to S are buildings 47, 47A, 48 and 48A. The tall building to the ESE of 47A is the Cambell Box And Tag Co. It now houses a moving company.

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Did you guys work here or grow up in South Bend[?] How do you know all this stuff[:I]
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A huge investment and all idle 18 years later. Where will the Big 3 be in 2028?
Thanks for ID'ing the photo R2 Andy. I knew someone here would be able to pinpoint what we are looking at.

Allan - Ontario, Canada
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04-26-2010, 09:14 PM
As to How do I know all this stuff? I've lived here for all but 2 years of my life. As soon ass I was old enough to spend time away from home I'd ride my bike down and poke around the plant. It's a rather interesting subject (obsession?) for me. Unfortunately I'm not able to claim to have been kicked out of (or at least redirected within)Factory property like our illustrious Mssrs. Krem and Palma. I was only 3 when the end came here.


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And thanks for the post. darn, now there's another magazine to search for.