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Anne F. Goodman
02-15-2010, 09:14 PM
Well for the longest time I thought David my husband was the one that brought Studebakers in my life in 2000 when we got our first Hawk. Then last year I found two pictures from my dad's side of the family that had Studebakers a 1954 sedan and a Lark. Well today I was at my older sisters house helping to do some spring cleaning. Ran across a box of old photos. And low and behold look what I found. Sitting is my Mother on my Fathers lap. At first I thought it was at 3705 Mile Strip Road Buffalo New York. Now I'm not sure it looks like the address on the house is 448 if so that would put the picture in Fresno Ca. Any how I now know why I was so Drawn to Mabel. Just thought that I would share.

Mabel 1949 Champion
Hawk 1957 Silverhawk
Gus 1958 Transtar
The Prez 1955 President State
Blu 1957 Golden Hawk
Daisy 1954 Regal Commander Starlight Coupe

02-15-2010, 09:21 PM
Neat find. Thanks for sharing.

Gary Sanders
Nixa, MO
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02-15-2010, 09:27 PM
That's a really neat picture, Anne. I keep looking for pics like that from my family, but can't find them. Darn. Congratulations.

'50 Champion, 1 family owner

02-16-2010, 03:12 PM
Cool! I got started with Studes because of my Grandma; she had a '52 Champion, and a '47 before that. Amazing how a piece of machinery can affect a family for years!:D

02-17-2010, 03:39 PM
Originally posted by Anne F. Goodman
[ Sitting is my Mother on my Fathers lap. At first I thought it was at 3705 Mile Strip Road Buffalo New York.

Anne, my grandparents and father were from nearby Kenmore, NY. That's a great family shot, regardless of the location. Could have been a friend's house, maybe? Vegetation looks more like Buffalo. This picture was taken in Buffalo, too, before we moved to Claremont, CA. Similar subliminal visual message: :D

Chucks Stude
02-17-2010, 03:57 PM
Cool. There is a picture somewhere of my parents driving around in a '39 Stude. Hope to come across it soon.

02-17-2010, 06:50 PM
Enlarge it so we can check the license plate.[:p]

(read it backwards)

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3267/2617723594_889afb71cf_t.jpg http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2184/2267352611_96939dc723_m.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3286/2679715309_9655c80e5e_m.jpg

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