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James Caspi
02-14-2010, 07:44 PM
Can my car handle a light trailer for a multi hundred mile trip?

It has a bored out engine so it has perhaps 8 hp more than standard.

James Caspi
1950 Champion Regal Deluxe-2 dr.
New York, NY.

02-14-2010, 07:56 PM
Well, back in the day people did haul small camping trailers and such around with their cars. If your Champ is in excellent mechanical condition, I would give a qualified... yeeees. If you're talking about a small utility trailer or a tear-drop, most likely your Champ won't struggle with it. The problem resides with the car's brakes.[}:)][:0] The Champion's brakes were... somewhat less than optimal.[8)] Just take it easy on the hills.;) There's an old Trucker's adage that applies here, 'Slow up the hill?[xx(] Then just as slow down the other side!'[:0][}:)] You will need to use the lower gears (namely second) going down any grades above 4%. It's better to get there late than in pieces.;)

By the by, this is why so many camp trailers in the fifties were so very small. The cars couldn't handle the weight. It wasn't till the V8 became common that the larger trailers (and self-containment) became more commonplace.

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