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02-13-2010, 05:58 AM
Great picture collection of '36 trucks...

Thumbnail images not so good...click on picures for full resolution


Does anyone know what the back of the Pennzoil truck was used for[?]

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02-13-2010, 06:49 AM
All COE's. Cool!

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02-13-2010, 06:55 AM
That speedway dump truck is awsome. Can you imagine driving that to a show?

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02-13-2010, 07:08 AM
I like the Daily Star newspaper van in the lower right corner. KEWL!

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02-13-2010, 07:42 AM
quote:Originally posted by StudeSchack
[Does anyone know what the back of the Pennzoil truck was used for[?]

The high staves (White posts) look to be removable. Most oil and petroleum products at that time were shipped from distributer to retail outlets in 55 gal drums. I suspect the staves would be removed, the drums rolled onto the flat bed and then stood on end. Once bed was loaded with drums, the staves would be replaced and off you would go.

I don't really know .... just a guess on my part.


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02-13-2010, 09:12 AM
Not to rain (or snow) on the truck parade, but...has anyone clicked to the "entrance" page on this website? This is a Russian website and the operator is EXTREMELY anti-American! He wails about American "murderers" killing the Iraqis and urges a boycott of US-made products. On the other hand, he doesn't express sympathy for Chechens or Georgians or Russian dissidents that his government has or is slaughtering without provocation!

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02-13-2010, 09:31 AM
Wasn't there a sleeper cab model at Lancaster?It was super cool.Also a soda delivery C/O at Charlotte that was the hit of the show.

02-13-2010, 09:32 AM
Yeh...that's the site I started on before I posted...but it does have some great photos...grab 'em before they get really mad and take the website down!!!

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