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12-21-2009, 08:32 PM
For the past two weeks, my Lark has had to do some extra "chores" with the Christmas season. Ordinarily, the activities are limited to just one, and that is the Christmas shopping. There are two malls, the Louis Joliet Mall, or the Fox Valley Mall. It doesn't matter which one I go to, I get what I need and the traffic is about the same [8] [:o)]. This year it was the Louis Joliet Mall I went to, and I got what I needed without much of a hitch.


However, this year things got a little...rushed, so to speak. I had to attend a pinning ceremony, a graduation, and help with an apartment move, so the activities for decorating for the past two weeks became secondary. Fact is, there wasn't time to go and get a live tree(live as in taking a bow saw to an evergreen on a tree farm, lol) this time around, but I was asked to go and get something to put up on a stand. I have a whole lot of extra time, so in the course of the day with the errands around town, this was the last one. For the CASO if you need a tree, wait until the last few days, because this was 50 percent off of its regular price, after that it becomes somebody's New Year's bonfire, which is an interesting story in itself. I should also say the pickings start getting slim around the tree racks, and in my case I had visited another tree rack and the tree farm only to find them closed today :(. The place here sits next to a grainery and is a place that sells country western items, with the trees providing extra income.

This situation was interesting because there were three of us strapping this to the roof of the car with twine. It was easy, just crack open the doors, roll down the rear windows, loop the twine around the front and rear of the tree's trunk, and throw the twine through the windows. Check to make sure that the tree doesn't slip its moorings whether directionally or laterally, and you're gold. It's no pickup truck, in fact the clerk said they only had two vehicles that they had to do that with out of the legions of folks with the pickup trucks and SUV's here, but it held to the roof just the same. It certainly made the highlight for this clerk's day; Help the man with the barnyard oddity of an automobile, buy and then affix a tree to this vehicle.

We also have plans for spending the holidays with relatives in the same area of the apartment, so it won't do much good to drag out the rest of the stuff(Manger, village, window display) so a few days later to have it all come down again. So this tree will be used to string some lights, the box o' ornaments, and the moving angel tree topper, and thats about it. Needless to say I don't do the holiday without at least the tree in the living room :D..



12-21-2009, 10:11 PM
Got to love it! I've tied a tree to the top of my Studes off and on for years. :D Last year I stuck it in the trunk for a change. There is nothing like a bow saw and a $10.00 dollar National Forest Permit.



12-21-2009, 10:26 PM
Oh yeah, in this case though, this guy maintains a tree nursery and he will fixes and sells firearms as well!! :D