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11-13-2009, 05:51 AM
OK, now that I've cleared up the domestic status of my 1950 Land Cruiser, I got QUESTIONS!!!:D

1) I found a post by the former owner who was asking how to un-freeze a frozen motor. How to I tell if the motor is frozen?

2) A couple guys mentioned to turn the engine over manually to get things flowing or to circulate oil or preservatives through the engine. How do you do that?

3) I think I should put [u]some</u> antifreeze in it just to make sure it doesn't freeze through over the winter. What kind and is there one brand that is better than another?

4) I pulled the oil check dip stick and it looks like there is some in there but it would need more if I were to try starting/running it (supposing I can get through 1, 2, and 3 above). I've read alot of talk about ZDDP and it is my understanding that it is recommended to get an oil with it in or get an oil addative. Where, what, and any brand preferences out there?

5) I threw a topic out there about car covers. Although I'm sleeping in my own bed again (and not on the couch), I want to keep my expenses down for a little while. Someone mentioned just throwing an old sheet or two over it and deal with a real cover later. Can I get away with that?

I have another one but I think its better for a separate topic, SO, thank you in advance for your opinions and input. As a new restorer/mechanic I appreciate any and all feedback!:)

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11-13-2009, 06:14 AM
I'll let others answer most of your questions, but I will address the last one concerning a car cover. You can get a pretty fair car cover from Advance Auto, Auto Zone, Pep Boys, etc. I have gotten breathable covers at Advance Auto that work very well and cost less than $100. Measure your car's length and widthe and get one that fits a vehicle of similar size.

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11-13-2009, 07:59 AM
1) Have you tried to start the motor using a battery and the starter? If you have turned the engine with the starter, then it is not frozen. If you haven't turned the motor with the starter..

2) You can turn the motor manually by using a socket on the nut in the center of the lowest pulley centered on the engine. If you cant turn the engine clockwise with all your strength(and a long bar over the ratchet), it's stuck.
If it is stuck, you will need to unbolt the cylinder head and spray the pistons and cylinders with PB blaster, the best penetrating oil in my opinion. I freed up my stuck flathead with that stuff.

3) As far as anti-freeze, I have had the best luck with GM Dex-cool, its a red colored anti-freeze, it has a nice high and low temperature range, its what they use on the brand new GM cars.

4) I wouldnt worry about oil additives until after you get the engine freed up and running, because if you spend money on additives and put them in there, the engine might leak pretty bad once its running and then you would have wasted your money. I would put some cheap oil in it until you get it running and check for leaks. Once its running, and not leaking, you can get some nicer oil, and some additives like lucas.

5) I have no opinion on car covers, I have never used them...


11-13-2009, 09:57 AM
I would not use Dex-Cool as it is not designed to intermix with traditional anti-freeze. I just use the least expensive traditional anti-freeze and it works fine. Some anti-freeze is a 50/50 mix of water whereas some is 100% anti-freeze and this will be labeled as such on the container. If you use pure anti-freeze, you need to add equal parts distilled water. If the radiator is full, buy an anti-freeze tester (only costs a couple bucks) and test the existing coolant as it may contain enough anti-freeze. As for the engine oil, just add conventional motor oil to it like you use in your regular car. Get it running good, then change the oil. I use 10W-40 but others may have a better suggestion as for a viscosity recommendation.

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