View Full Version : R1 engine parts?

ed ellis
07-28-2009, 12:42 PM
i have an intake manifold [the only number on it is 1557144],a water pump manifold with 2 numbers [550913 and 1557961] and 2 cylinder heads [#1557570]. i have been told these parts are off a R1 engine but i don't have a late model parts book so i am looking for someone to verify they are in fact R1 parts. any help would be appreciated. thx in advance, ed ellis

07-28-2009, 11:56 PM
The 1557961 Water Manifold is for a '63-'64 Supercharged R2 JTS Powered Lark/Hawk or Super Lark/Hawk. :)

The Casting Number 1557570 Heads are the Standard '63-'64 Lark/Hawk Part Number 1557571 Heads also used on R1 & JT Engines with the Avanti Flat top Pistons for the higher 10.25 to 1 compression. :)

I can't be sure of the Casting Number of a Intake Manifold, the R1 gets a [u]PART NUMBER</u> 1557472, the R2 gets a 1557843 the same as a 4 Brl. AFB equipped '63-'64 Lark/Hawk! [:0]

So I don't know what the 1557144 [u]CASTING NUMBER</u> Intake is, as it is not very close numerically, but being a very late number, it could be JT/JTS, Avanti R1, or R2. [:0]

Keep in mind, I am looking in a '59-'64 Studebaker Chassis Parts Catalog, NOT the Avanti Parts Catalog, so some could interchange to that also.

Ed, I think someone described these parts very LOOSELY as "R1"! [}:)]