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Well what a LONG trip. I left CeRap on friday afternoon, got to my destination in NE friday night. We then spent the next 4 days waiting for the long awaited arrival of my 3E6D 122. Tjhe previous owner was supposed to leave AZ thursday morning, but due to needed to get his insurance papers for his tow truck for the trip. This took until friday at 4:00pm so he never left AZ till saturday morning. He then tried a short cut through some podunk back roads wich left him spending the night along a decolate mountain pass after fueling up with some watered down diesel, clogging his fuel filter. He then found a ride to a parts store rpaired his rig and got on his way. Well getting to it he ended up blowing 5 out of 8 tires and setting for hours behind a major accident. But Finally on teuseday around 6:00pm i laid eyes on what I had been waiting to see again for the first time in 4 years. We then went on to his old ranch to look for the original motor and bell housing only to find that the ranch dump had been coverd in 10' of dirt. We then proceeded to load her up onto my trailer. Around 11:00pm Von and I headed back an hour and a half back to our hotel room.

The next morning I got up early to get some used tires put on her to help with the ride home and unloading once home. The old man at the tire shop recognized the truck and made a phone call. When I wnt in to pay the bill he supprised me with the phone number of the man that bought it new in 1958 printed on my invoice. I quickly paid and thanked him then went outside to make a call. The old man is 86 and believe it or not he said he know I'd call, he passed Dave the previous owner the day before only minutes before I seen it along side the road changing the last blown tire. He was so glad i was fixin the old girl up. Then came the most exiting news. He told me there was 2 of those trucks on that small Studebaker lot in 1958 he bought one and his uncle bought the other. He said his uncle is dead and he is pretty sure that old truck is still around. He is going to check on it for me. Could it be so that 2 3E6d-122 trucks sold at the same lot to the same family the only difference being the color, be reunited after all these years, lets keep our fingers crossed.

I then went and picked Von and Sandy up, oh yeh Sandy. von and I were so bored in NE we bought a puppy. We then packed up and went to the gas station to fill up. While filling a man pulled up behind me and got out of his truck and said, thats a 58 stude 4x4 half ton with an Commander 6 ain't it. I said how'd you know that. He replied I used to own that truck, I work at the Buick garage in town when it was traded in and I bought it. He was amazed (as was the original owner) when they found out it was in AZ all these years. Jim told me that the 22,000 miles were original, it threw a rod and cracked the block with the same odometer reading as it now has. Since David pulled that motor and left it in the dump in 1972 and no motor has ever replaced it I'd have to believe that is true.

Needless to say the tuck was a big hit with countless visitors in the motel parking lot. Onr guy is restoring a 2R 11 and had a 59 parts truck and gave me 2 front fenders and a glass grill, well Im sending him a headliner kit I won't be useing in return. We then headed home. The truck rode nicely and he made it home without inccedent. Here are a couple of pics.





This is the original Studebaker dealer were the truck was sold new.


And this is Sandy ain't she a peach


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Great story John. Is there another thread that tells how you discovered this truck??

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I posted that story years ago.

I stumbled upon it on the napcoownersgroup web site. there was a single classified ad for a Studebaker, thinking it was a decal or an ad or something I reluctantly clicked on it. Low and behold it was an ad for a whole truck. i quickly called the numbr listed and asked for Denny. The guy said hes not here, and I asked when will he return, to which he replied he's not going to he died recently. I expressed my condolences and he asked what I wanted and I told him. He then put me in touch with his brother Dave. That was feb of 2004. i had a buisiness trip planed for jan 2005 so we made arrangement to fly out from Pittsburgh to las vegas a couple of day early to rent a car and drive to Phoenix to take a look. to make a long story short the old man whos land this truck was being paid to store it on sold the property, and the new owner stole the truck within weeks after he told Dave the trucks owner and the guy who wad leased the land for 40 years and had hundreds of classic cars stored there that he had at least a year to make new arrangement for the cars. The guy scrapped and sold everything, there ws nothing left on the lot. I was devestated, at the time i tought it had been scrapped. I refused to leave the dessert til I found out was happened to it. I started with yards that had big enough equipment to move some of the old military vehicles dave had. Anyway 2 days in the dessert and a couple of visits with the Sherrif I finally found it. The lands new owner scrapped EVERTHING but this Stude and 2 old Willeys military trucks. Dave finaly got them home, and 4 years later (due to logistics and Dave being VERY hard to contact, I brought her home. I will write it up in more detail and submit it to TW maybe the will publish it if not I post the entire story here.


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That will make a great story for TW.

Congrats on your tenacity and a great looking truck. Looks like it has a lot of original metal with minimal rust. :D



Dick Clemens
07-25-2009, 01:09 PM
Hip-Hooray- you got it. I like Sandy. Glad you and Von got home safely and with your treasure. Long wait but looks like it is worth it. Thanks again for all the help you guys gave me.

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07-25-2009, 01:15 PM
Congrats on both your new additions.:D I am looking forward to reading the rest of the story. Steve

07-25-2009, 02:23 PM

Dylan Wills

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07-25-2009, 02:24 PM
Good sleuthing work, there. It looks like you have a very solid and worthwhile project to show for your efforts. I wish I had one of those:D.


07-25-2009, 02:47 PM
Talk about everything working against you for years down to the last minute, wow. What a story until it finally made it to you both. As soon as it did, it sounds like it was meant to be and the whole town got involved. Great story and rescue from the desert. Good finds out there. [^] Nice to meet you both in Cedar Rapids. You should drag that truck to the Summit Meet in August. [8D]

07-25-2009, 03:20 PM
Excellent tale John on all accounts! [8D] Glad to see he is finally "home" where the needed TLC will be forthcoming. :)[^]

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Amazing. I can't imagine ANY vehicle inspiring me to that level of tenacity!

Well, maybe a Super Lark;) Of course, I won't have to, since mine's sitting, complete and very nice, in the back of a barn undiscovered, less than an hour from home[^]

It's been cool following this saga all this time; congrats, buddy. Now, get Bud finished up!:D

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07-25-2009, 04:31 PM
Well it looks like it was all worth it. The hunt is always the most exciting part of the car hobby.

07-25-2009, 05:07 PM
You should paint that truck "Confederate Gray" to match the dog. I have a red 58 Transtar that I call my ranch truck(the prievios owner called it a trash truck) I have a Red Bloodhound named Scarlet who loves to ride in it. NT

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Amazing story. This needs to be written up for Turning Wheels. There are lots of members who don't do the forum that would love to read about this. You don't have to wait until the truck is done.
Please don't.

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That first picture is great!

Needs to be on a calendar!!!