View Full Version : Central Florida Chapter Meeting. . . 11/08/08

Rick Courtier
11-07-2008, 09:40 AM
The meeting will be held on Nov. 8th at Old Chicago in Palm Harbor at 11:30 am and it is very important that you come to this meeting.
The meeting is about the election of Officers to the Central Florida Chapter, (If you don't show you could get elected to a post). If you interested in a position as a officer please email me. Now is the time to speak up and be heard, Our Chapter has grown and with this election it will continue to do so. . .

Also thanks to everyone that worked during the Florida State Meet. . . we had a Great Meet and it seems that everyone that came had a Great time! We all should be proud of what we did in a very short time.

Since the Central Florida Chapter covers a wide territory we also want ideas for other chapter meeting locations, event, actives etc. so we can show off our hard work on our Studebakers. Please come with some ideas. . . Tour Master postion is up for grabs. . .[8D]

Rick Courtier
Web Master/Tour Master