View Full Version : Where is a good place to order original carpet

10-22-2008, 02:20 PM
i have a '53 Landcruiser and the floor carpet is looking a little rough these days. Would like to replace it with original or as close to original as possible.

Does anyone know of a good place?

10-22-2008, 02:29 PM
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That cord type (wool?) Carpet is very hard or impossible to find now-days, you should be able to get a good fitting replacement from Phantom Auto Works in Ohio 330 337 8879 an SDC Turning Wheels Monthly magazine advertiser. Also another TW advertiser and Forum member is Historic Automotive 410 757 5147 both have web pages also.

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10-22-2008, 02:55 PM
Both me and Phantom can supply the original stuff, though few choose it do to expense. More like $400 rather then $240 from me for the standard nylon.

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10-27-2008, 09:32 AM
Thanks Rich for the information, and yes i'm a SDC member.

JDP - i have a '53 Landcrusier, do you carry carpet for that? it seems to be a darker khaki color. do i need to get an exact part number? and if so where do i find that?