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10-19-2008, 03:13 PM
Last night, my lovely wife came home and cajoled me into going to the last cruise-in at our nearby "Ritzy's" restaurant (they are known for '50s style burgers and ice cream, and they host cruise-ins from early spring through mid-fall, as long as the weather holds). I'd had a long day, and wasn't entirely sure I wanted to go, but I did.

And was I ever glad!

In addition to the usual "Big Three" iron, there were two Studes, both of which made my night.

The first, a '56 President Classic in Mocha and Snowcap White, looks much like it did when it left South Bend. The owner, whose name escapes me right now (Ginger got his name & #, have to find out what she did with it), said it's an original northern Indiana car, but you'd swear it wasn't to look at it; heck, he said all the Mocha and Snowcap paint above the lower sweep molding is original! The Prez has 32K miles and is absolutely PRISTINE! (Or PISTINE for those who prefer that spelling!!!)

The other was a '52 four-door sedan; it was all closed up so I couldn't tell what it had under the hood. It's orange with purple flames and probably pretty well modified. Definitely lowered in front, nicely done all the way around.

There were some neat Brand X's around last night, too; a "work-in-progress" AMC Concord 2-door caught my eye. TWO Chrysler Cordobas, one a standard model and the other a '79 "300" edition. Even a late Lincoln Mark V coupe, solid black and like new.

The other Ritzy's on the east side of town is having their last cruise-in of the year next weekend, just in time for my birthday, so I plan to take in more of that one if I'm up to it. Hopefully I'll get more details on both cars, as their owners both said they plan to be there. So I'll be able to share some pix then.

Jacob Newkirk - Owensboro, KY


Steve T
10-20-2008, 11:06 PM

Cool; sounds like me, except of course hereabouts the last cruises of the season were nearly a month ago!:( (And, when my schedule allows, no one ever has to "cajole" me into going to a cruise...) Look forward to seeing the pix of the 56 Prez and the 52 rod if they turn up at the other event. There's a 56 Prez in the Hamilton chapter...really neat car.

My season's done; Lark is in the shop for year-end inspection, in two or three weeks she'll be back in the barn where she spent last winter. Already I'm beginning to yearn for the coming of Spring!

Salt Belt Steve T