View Full Version : Couple more Studes at season's end (pix again)

Steve T
09-23-2008, 02:37 AM
Hi all--

Thought my cruise season was ended, but nope; made it to two more events this past Sunday, the Waterdown swap meet/show Sunday aft and the Peggy Sue's cruise on Hamilton mountain Sunday eve. Was driving the Lark all day long (even took her to church in the morning!) and she continues to run beautifully.

Seen at Waterdown, 50 Champion Starlight rod and my 62 Lark...

Also at Waterdown, a truly astonishing Studebaker truck. Was talking a while with the owner, and he agreed with my assessment that his truck--an R-cab-based milk van turned "rat rod"--was a large rolling found-object sculpture! Driveline is a Chev 350 with auto trans...front bumper is modified Chev, with bullet bumper guards off a Lincoln Premiere...

...with this truck though it's the details that keep grabbing your attention. Eyeballing this thing is a surreal experience. Here's the dash. The wheel is antique Chev, with a custom-engraved emblem; the instrument pods are Mercury taillight pods. And the huge tall shifter that resembles a wild-turkey foot gripping a plastic skull...is.

Here's the hood ornament, wearing a toque and flipping everybody the bird (but is the bird a lark or a hawk?):D Truck's owner says it's the most-photographed hood ornament in southern Ontario...

An aptly lactose take on the familiar Moon logo...

And here are the taillights. '59 Cadillac bullet lenses; the red upper units are mounted in...dollar-store kitchen colanders!

Went to the second-last Peggy Sue's cruise of the year in the evening. Peggy Sue's was the original local cruise, sponsored by a diner of the same name; the diner is long since gone, but the name lives on with the cruise, now hosted by a Rona home-improvement store. Four Studes turned out this week--including that '56 President I keep seeing but not getting pix of. Caught the Prez this time! By evening's end it was a Stude-only cruise, with three cars, and four drivers talking Studebaker in the gathering dark...

Got my favourite kind of reaction to the Lark en route to church! Very young guy (I doubt he was out of his teens) pulls alongside in a red Sunfire 2dr as he's about to exit York Blvd onto Hwy#403, and gives me an enthusiastic thumbs-up. An eventual SDCer? Who knows...but the enthusiasm is clearly there.


Anne F. Goodman
09-23-2008, 12:19 PM
Fantastic Truck I just love that hood ornament. I think Mabels hood ornament needs to be transformed into that. I think it would be a riot. Put me intouch with him maybe he'll duplicate it then one can run around in California.

Mabel 1949 Champion
1957 Silverhawk
1955 Champion 4Dr.Regal
Gus 1958 Transtar
1955 President State