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Steve T
09-16-2008, 11:22 PM
Hi all--

Been slightly out of touch, organizing an aviation-art conference last weekend here in Hamilton. Did get to the last '08 Mapleview Lions cruise last Wednesday eve though; we busted last year's record, with 17 Studes in attendance. Over 100 cars couldn't get into the cruise lot proper, so were parked hither and yon all over the main mall lots. I did lens all 17 Studes though. Herewith a taster...

55 Prez 4dr and 64 Daytona 4dr arrive together

40 Champion rod arrives

...and a pretty 64 Avanti

Five of the 17 Studes are visible here...actually six, counting the 40 Champion just discernible top left

Neat 38 coupe rod was a welcome repeat visitor

Debut cruise for this gorgeous 62 Lark VIII Daytona HT, completed days ago

Also making its first cruise appearance was this superb 49 Land Cruiser rod

Aft view of the same car (before he found a parking spot in the actual cruise area!)

Interior of the 49

...And the engine room of the 49, containing a surprise. This is a 90s-era Chevrolet 3.1-litre V6! (Economy run, anyone?)

...This was likely my last cruise of the year, since I'm on evenings the next 2 weeks and there are few cruise nights after mid-September hereabouts. But I'll remember my first "real" cruise season fondly (electrical hiccups and all)...thanx to all you SDCers for helping make Studebakering every bit the blast I always knew it would be, and here's to more of the same next year!


Steve T

09-16-2008, 11:52 PM
Whoa! Great Stude showing. I like that Land Bruiser!;)

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