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Street racing
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Great story!!!


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I added my own to the list....

hmmm, my girlfriend has 2 GT Hawks....and I feel left out, wheres my "R" model Daytona????

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And here it is, courtesy of cut and paste:

quote: Re: Street racers....What's the worse ass whoopin you ever got street racing?


Best road whoopin' I ever recieved..........The Fall Of 1966.............
I was traveling Rte. 2 Eastbound in historic Concord , Mass. returning from school to home.
I was driving my '57 Fuelie Bel Air 4 door hard top, kind of a street sleeper in it's own right.
I thought I was driving real hot stuff!
Along side pulls up this absolutly beat looking 59 Lark 2 door h.t.
It was faded burgundy with a left quater panel that had the imprint of major hit with a telephone pole in it.
Rusty J.C. Whitney wheel covers, very quiet exhaust, mud and road kill all over it, totally unasuming street rat at the wheel, I figure... easy win here.
The pilot of the Lark, kid about my age, looks over and scopes out my plain white colored Bel Air and I notice his eyes locking onto my front fender fuel injection badges.
His left hand comes up and he makes the universal "Go" sign.
I roll out of it and double clutch into first, he reaches down for a lower gear, our front ends point towards the sky, tail pipes both puking Sunocco 260 , and he dusts me off about 12 seconds later by about 5 lengths!
I'm completly humiliated be a f&*#%n , sh%$can Studebaker Lark !!!!

Three months go by and I'm telling this tale to "Thief" Fiore, a kid I just hooked up with at my new school.
"Thief" tells me "Oh, I know that kid, don't feel too bad about loosing to him though"
"He runs a blown Avanti R3 in that roach can and he's probably got 80 extra cubes on you with his stoker kit stuffed into the Lark's block.
What do we learn here kids?
Yeah, that thing about judging books by their covers!
"Disgustin "


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