View Full Version : W A N T E D parts for '49 4 dr. Commander

09-06-2008, 09:19 AM
tail light housing, rim tail lamp 285900...this is the one with the chrome ribs over the red glass. F O U N D

name plate 286108W..."COMMANDER" for the left side of the hood.

grille filler moulding 290114W...one flat piece needed. F O U N D

heater...heater dash control knobs left and right. F O U N D

AC 1433 light compartment, for the glove compartment...mercury switch and wiring for the glove box light.

dome light switch 285641...one door pillar switch, possibly more.

front bumper and mounting brackets.

knob, ash receiver 290210X1, ash tray knob. F O U N D

panel, ash receiver 284732, stainless trim piece. F O U N D

wiper knob, knob, control 290209X1. knob only. F O U N D

lock pillar dome light switch 281130x3 on the inside of the pillar. F O U N D