View Full Version : Problems with my rockers????

08-25-2008, 03:44 PM
This was addressed a couple weeks ago but really never did see a solution. Put my repo rockers on my 56 wagon today and I have a 3/4" gap between the bottom of the door and rocker. The entire rubber channel is exposed. Both these doors are NOS. one for a wagon and one for a sedan. Both have the same gap problem. The doors both are in pefect alignment. All the trim and door curvers are perfect. I did replace the floors but they are in pefect alignment with the top of the rocker. The bottom of the front fender and the bottom of the rear quarter is flat and the rockers fit well. I am thinking I may have the wrong rockers (maybe the wagons are slightly diff.). Mine are straight across with only the weatherstripping channel above the rocker itself. My only other thought is when they did my body work on the quarters they built the bottoms up to much. This is hard for me to believe but my doors do not come all the way down to the bottom of the quarters or the front fender. I can send pics to someone if they would post them. Can someone with a wagon take a look to see where your rockers and doors stop. Thanks

08-25-2008, 04:18 PM
If you want to send me the pictures, I'll post them on my website.

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