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Steve T
05-19-2008, 09:03 PM
Hi all--

Like the Badenoch shots, these are a bit belated...First cruise of the year here, Tuesday May 6, was the Optimists' event at the Ancaster Canadian Tire store. I found out about it at the last minute; my Lark was still refusing to start (electrical gremlins that first cropped up at Badenoch), but I boosted Betty from my '05 Vibe and was on my way. No trouble at all ascending the Chedoke Parkway section of Hwy#403 up the escarpment; the six likes hills! Was literally giggling to myself as I turned into Canadian Tire: this was a dream come true for me, my first cruise in a participating car. Parked the Lark next to a beautiful 40 Chev rod that's a favourite of my dad's. Here's the scene...left to right, my Lark; 40 Chev rod; 68 Yenko Camaro; 37 Pontiac roadster:

Looking round I saw that Betty was the only Studebaker present, but a bit later I saw a silver 40s pickup arrive. I'm not really that "up" on identifying Stude trucks, so had to wait until I could read the tailgate lettering to be sure...yep, STUDEBAKER it was! This was a fine 1946 M15, very recently back on the road (and interestingly registered Historic through the same licencing office as my Lark at about the same time: the plate numbers are only seven digits apart). The gent parked away from the main cruise, so (after getting the Lark boosted again by a helpful cruisegoer with a portable battery pack) I drove over for a photo of both Studes together before leaving for home:

After this things got, um, interesting. Twice, just out from the cruise site, Betty sputtered to a stop. First time, a passing van boosted the Lark again...but she promptly conked out a second time, about 40 yards further up the street. At that point enough was enough. So...I had to bring in a CAA wrecker to tow poor electrically-defunct Betty back to town! Later pulled the battery, got it tested...pooched, specifically overloaded. Possibly a faulty regulator allowing too much juice from generator to battery. Installed a new battery; Betty has started and run faultlessly since, but I intend to get the regulator checked, and maybe replaced, sooner than later, lest the new battery get overloaded too.

Next cruise, last Wednesday, was supposed to be the Stude feature night at Mapleview Mall in Burlington. Made it to and from that just fine (with fellow SDCer Garnet Bell riding shotgun...am trying to nudge him towards Lark ownership too)--only to have Ma Nature intervene: rained-out. This Wed we're going to try again. So...I've made it to, but not from, one cruise; and I've made it both ways to/from another cruise that didn't, in the event, happen at all...ain't life grand. There were four Studes at the rainout anyway but I haven't got those pix onto CD yet. Meantime, here's a shot of Betty, posed on the most appropriate of all possible streets, in a Burlington neighbourhood not far from Mapleview Mall...


05-19-2008, 09:10 PM
Nice ! Your car and the silver truck just became my desktop photo! Thanks!!:)

Oglesby,Il. http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j273/52hawk/100_0824-1-2.jpg
"Studebaker? It must be hard to find parts for those!"

05-19-2008, 09:14 PM
Nice pics there Steve ....your Larks lookin good ;)

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05-19-2008, 09:21 PM
Neat pix, thanks Steve.
So, to confirm, the Mapleview cruise on Wed., May 21 will still feature Studes? I couldn't make it to the last Wednesday's anyway, and may have a shot at this next one.

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Steve T
05-19-2008, 09:25 PM
Hi Bob--

These digi pix flatter her visually...but yeah, she's a nice ol' ride...especially now that she actually starts and keeps running! [:p] One of these months I'm going to take you up on your suggestion about having a go with a polisher. In the offseason I'll get Bob E's blue carpets installed too. By the start of '09 she should be the sexiest blue 62 Lark two-door sedan in the whole Hamilton Chapter! :D


Glad you like the shot of the Stude pair at Ancaster. I wish I'd known sooner how absurdly easy it is to get pix onto Photobucket and thence onto the forum. Now that I do know...my struggle will be to refrain from plastering pix all over General Studebaker-Specific Discussion!;)



Steve T
05-19-2008, 09:29 PM

Yep...21st is the raindate from the 14th. (I'm on evenings this week at work, but at the moment it looks promising for my being able to take a chunk of a shift off to attend; Hamilton chapter is trying to top last year's record Mapleview gathering of 14 Studes.)

Hope to see you Wednesday eve!


Steve T
05-20-2008, 12:41 PM
Quick update on Betty, took the Lark in at noon today for a check of the electrics, everything seems to be fine, so the battery, apparently, was the sole problem. (The shop I went to belongs to an old highschool bud of mine; coincidentally it is possible to see the top of the Stude plant from the shop's back door.)

Now if we can only entreat Ma Nature not to drench Burlington, Ontario, in liquid sunshine tomorrow evening...the forecast is for rain!


Warren Webb
05-20-2008, 12:53 PM
I like the pic on "Lark Ave", would be a nice addition in a future TURNING WHEELS, dont you think?

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Steve T
05-22-2008, 11:24 PM

Hadn't really thought about that...If TW would like that pic (or any others I've got), I'll email a file off.

Got three pix from the May 14 "Wet Stude Contest" at Mapleview up on Photobucket, showing the four Hamilton Chapter cars that made it to the abortive cruise that afternoon...

Studee64's (Barry) 64 R1 Daytona hardtop, with my 62 2dr visible behind...

Another nice 64 Daytona hardtop...

And an 85 Avanti...

...Best-laid plans: the drizzle ultimately turned into outright rain, and the evening's cruise was called off, with a rain date of May 21. I'll eventually post pix of what showed up that day, too...but Ma Nature is apparently not fond of the Hamilton Chapter these days: light drizzle and a biting cold wind put paid to this attempt too. Impressively enough, over the course of the afternoon nine Studes turned out anyway, including the Hamilton Police Service's re-created 1966 Commander patrol car. I'll start a new thread for that stuff...


05-23-2008, 11:01 AM
Don't feel bad about calling the Stude pickup a 40's something. All of the M-series pickups look an awful lot alike. Most of us can't tell a 41 from a 48.

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Steve T
05-23-2008, 04:26 PM
Actually I was initially uncertain not only of the truck's year, but also the make...had to wait for it to pass all the way by to read STUDEBAKER embossed into the tailgate!:D Would not have guessed specifically that it was a 46; the owner told me that.

Pix from Mapleview Wet Stude Contest Part Deux later tonight, I hope.