View Full Version : Bob40's Studebaker Garage Sale

Henry Votel
10-15-2006, 09:33 PM
Today was Bob40's, (Bob Reining) Studebaker Garage Sale. Nice Fall weather here in Minnesota made the event very enjoyable. When I got there about 11:30 Bob had already laid out his driveway with parts and had tables set up in his garage. Lots of stuff to peruse and a few treasures were acquired by everyone I observed.

Some notables in the Minnesota Chapter showed up for some parts hunting and chatting: Bob Waitz, Greg Meyers, Brian Larson, Joe Barrier, Mike Rasset, Ward Blomquist and several others that I did not know.

The neat thing was seeing what stuff Bob had so if we later run into people needing things we'd point them to Bob. Most all agreed that Bob may have come up with an idea that others could use or that we might just elaborate into a larger garage sale event, rather than a swap meet. Talk was to see if several guys might want to bring a batch of stuff to a location or someone's place to have a bigger "multi-family" garage sale next Spring.

Thanks Bob. Enjoyed the day. . . .

Henry Votel
North Star Wheel
North Star Chapter SDC