View Full Version : my Lark in a wedding-sillyquestion

10-11-2006, 07:27 PM
Months ago my buddy asked if I would drive my 60 Lark in his daughters wedding.I told him yes of course,but I may need to sell it before that.[Wish I could sell it to finish the Hawk]
The wedding is this saturday,and I talked to buddies wife today[she happens to be my insurance agent]...
She asked if I still had the car[yes]will I be driving it in the wedding?[of course!]
Silly Question:I realized she has never seen a Lark when she asked "now is this Studebaker like a NORMAL car that people can ride in the back seat of??? !!
I should have told her I'll take the cooler and the half-barrel out and put the backseat back in!!
BTW,the bride and groom will lead the procession in a FURD,a '59 black and white squad car,gumball and all!!!