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barry gibbons
07-10-2018, 05:39 PM
When putting the two piece lower deck opening (trunk) together (54 Champion couple) does the inner piece follow the bend across the outer piece to line up the two pieces. One picture right side shows the inner piece following the bend almost all the way, the other picture show that it not following the bend. I tried pulling it together but no luck. Any suggestion. Does it matter that one side is difference. Or just try more bending and see if I can get it up to the bend.


07-11-2018, 06:31 PM
Are you talking about the bottom?

I installed a Leroy Carey made one of these years ago. I welded the 2 parts together off the car and don't recall any issues with the bottom of the outer panel not mating up to the inner panel like your pictures. I think that your outer panel is bent or twisted as it should end up vertical respect to the car. Looks like its bent backwards pointing at a angle rearward. I ~think~ that the bottom of the outer panel should be the same height as the bottom of the side panels of the trunk. The trunk floor panel has a 90 deg bend/flange on it that points down and the spot welds went around the perimeter to attach to the sides and that rear box panel.

I see you drilled a hole and have a bar across the trunk sides to keep them in place. Good idea. When I did this I had the right side out for replacement at the same time. Definitely a scary thing to do so I had tack welded something to hold the trunk floor up in place and had a lot of side to side measurements on the weatherstrip channel. I must have did it right as my trunk lid fits well after all that.

07-11-2018, 07:28 PM
Here are some photos I took with 35mm camera in 1998 from my project album....










The panels had holes I drilled for plug welds to mate them together. These were welded so the 2 parts were parallel and even. Without looking at it now, not sure where the panels overlap at the bottom, but it must have been such that the bottom of the outer was tight to the inner (after the break/angle).

From your photos, this brings back I think that the outer one is bent or twisted as these 2 should naturally mate up to each other.

07-12-2018, 07:58 AM
Are you referring to how the outer panel is hanging lower than the inner panel on the drivers side? If so, I am not sure what would have to be done to fix that. If I remember right your inner panel was from Leroy Carey and the outer was from Classic Enterprises. I bought both pieces from Leroy and they fit together perfectly. Classic panels are better than starting from a piece of flat sheet metal but most of the ones I used needed quite a bit of massaging in order to get a decent fit.

What you are showing there would probably require either a compromise where you split the error in panel shape between the two sides and hope you have enough to weld to or making a big cut in you new Classis panel so it can be bent to fit and then welding the cut back up.

I am also concerned about the placement of the inner panel. I am just going from memory here so please trust the photos and measurments you took more than what I am about to say. Maybe someone else can chime in and confirm or correct my statement. I remember the bottom of the inner panel sitting lower in the car such that it is even with or maybe below the horizontal ridge in the trunk side panels. I believe that horizontal ridge defines where the top of the trunk floor should be positioned. The flange of the trunk floor bends down, so that inner panel needs to be low enough to give you something to weld the trunk floor to.

Considering the amount you have cut out of that car, I really recommend that you test fit your trunk lid before you weld anything in place.

barry gibbons
07-12-2018, 10:46 AM
I have order a new panel from Leroy today. Waiting a response from him now on the new part. Thanks for the info. This has been a headache for me. With the new panel things should go well.