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10-08-2006, 04:49 PM
here's a update on N8's and my old Daytona's panel alignment:


Hi John. Here are the pics of the Stude. He did an amazing job. He is doing some more stuff on it for me too. I just drove down a twin to it that is a piece of ****. We are going to use it as a donor car then part it out. I LOVE the car I bought from you. Show Nate the pics. The fit is unreal.

First the door was in 3/4" at the top, so he realigned it so it fit, then the bottom really stuck out, so he used a 5' long 2x4, drilled a hole about 3 1/2 feet up, bolted another one to that, somehow bolted a 4x4 to the door, then made a triangle and applied leverage in a twisting motion, trying not to break the paint (it didn't break) he kept tweaking until it fit. He said it had to have come from the factory with the lousy fit like that. He then used similar leverage to get the hood to fit. Also, the driver's door was out of alignment and he got it as close as it can get too. It is near perfect now, too. He is awesome! I don't know how he knows so much.I sent the pics to Lee , too.
Nice truck you bought, Dave

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