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11-06-2017, 11:35 AM
So here's the deal: We purchased a 58 Silver Hawk as a parts car for our 57 Golden Hawk restoration. The GH did not have a supercharger on it when we bought it. It had an aftermarket carb, intake and air cleaner. We took those items off of the Silver Hawk and restored/rebuilt them. We put them on the GH and it ran great. I then came upon a supercharger setup and we purchased that and it is now on our GH. There are photos of our new setup on a previous thread ("Disaster"). See the photo of the restored setup below. The GH had a set of mismatched wheels on it, so we took the stock wheels off of the SH. We blasted and painted the wheels, and had the hubcaps restored. We purchased new tires. However, they are 14" wheels, and we are going to put correct 15" wheels on the GH. So we are selling the 14" wheels, hubcaps and tires (brand new) that cost us $1,700 in total. See photo below (they are a little dirty from sitting in the shop). We also have the winged parking lights in original condition (see photo below). They look gold in color in the photo, but they are chrome. The metal-turned dash insert is in excellent condition and has all of the tabs on the back present. We left the glovebox portion in the Silver Hawk. We are also selling the Silver Hawk itself. It has the complete, original drivetrain. The chrome is complete, and virtually all of it is in good to excellent, original condition. The body has rust, but the doors are solid. For pricing on that, I went to CTC Auto Ranch, which sells cars similar to ours. The least expensive Studebaker is listed at $2,499. They are in similar condition to our 58 SH. They do not offer any of the restored items that we do. We do not want to deal with selling off different parts; we wish to sell everything as a package. Whomever purchases these items should more than make their money back if he/she chooses to part out the car as well as sell the restored parts. My plan is to contact venders and see if any are interested. However, I want to run this info by you guys for two reasons: The first is to get some feedback on pricing, and the second is to give anybody here first shot if they are interested. Any feedback will be appreciated.


11-06-2017, 02:28 PM
Thanks for offering that very nice project Hawk to us first. :)

I think what might have some bearing on the value, would be exactly what is the mechanical condition of this '58 Silver Hawk?

I am sure it is "as found", needing most mechanical to be a driver, but does it roll, run and drive? Stop? etc.
Are the Intake & Carb., Wheels/Tires installed? This is important for affordable shipping.

It does look like a solid Car if the floors are still there, it could bring maybe $5-6K.

11-07-2017, 08:09 AM
Unfortunately, the car is not driveable. The pictured items were pulled off of the car and restored. We probably could put those items back on the car for shipping. The car is probably beyond salvage (a lot of rust); it would best be used as a parts car. The engine, while complete, is seized. I am thinking about asking half of the amount you mentioned.

11-07-2017, 09:10 AM
My opinion...it's all in the information/presentation. I have been amazed at how some folks are able to bring some vehicles (thought un-restorable) back to very presentable condition. For a better pictorial evaluation, pics of the interior, frame, engine bay, and trunk are essential. I'm too old to embark on an ambitious project, but for some energetic, enthusiastic, youthful person, willing to undertake, see through, and complete a project... this could be the project that keeps him home and out of trouble for years. Even if it ends up (like you) being a parts car for a project already underway.

While some of us could never afford a top shelf collector car, there's always those who can pick up a bargain, take their time, develop skills, acquire tools, while earning the money to spend over time. For me, it has always been the most difficult, lengthy projects, (welding, body work, painting, mechanical, upholstery, etc.) working alone, that have given me more satisfaction, and sense of accomplishment, than anything I have merely purchased.:)

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