View Full Version : Avanti Owners or All Studebakers located near Louisiana.

10-16-2017, 06:45 PM
Hi everyone,

I am looking for anyone interested in coming to a small town in northwest Louisiana to drive their car in the local Christmas parade.

Here's the letter I sent to a couple other sites:

I am writing because my 80 yr old father, Georg Joe Boyens, will be the Grand Marshal in the annual Christmas parade in our hometown of Many, Louisiana on Saturday December 9, 2017. The parade would take place around 3pm. I would love to know if any Studebaker, Avanti owners are nearby? If so, would they be able to loan, drive my dad or show their presence in the parade? I know my dad would be so touched if an Avanti or any Studebaker was in the parade.

A little back story about my dad:
He is a diehard Studebaker fan. His first car was a Studebaker. He ordered and purchased a 1963 R1 Studebaker Avanti. He still owns the car but it is inoperable now. He was part of the Avanti club and took my siblings and I to many of the car shows. My older brother, Joseph, was a huge fan as well. When Joseph was maybe 5, he attended a show with my dad and they were written about in one of the Avanti publications. As he got older, my brother and my dad would work on the car together. In 2001, my older brother was killed a car wreck. The Avanti was in the middle of a repair and my dad left the Avanti in their barn. A few years later a storm destroyed the barn and the car has been stuck partially under it since then. I am now working on getting it unstuck and hope to one day have it fully restored.

This year at 80 years of age, my dad reluctantly retired and closed the doors to his beloved hardware store in August. This was a very sad time for us all as the store has been in the family since 1904. He is not one to sit still so a week later he got a job working a few hours at a nearby hardware store. Two weeks ago, my dad had a mini stroke that put him in the hospital for 4 days. Thankfully, he is now home without any residual affects and doing well! With all of that, my parents also care full time for my 45 yr old sister who was born mentally handicapped. They have never asked for anything and they say "God has always provided for them." I know that Avanti owners are a special type of person and saw that over the years of car shows. They live life fully, take pride, and care for the long term. I would like to ask this special request on behalf of my dad. He does not know I'm writing but I know how touched he would be if anyone was able to show up.

I am sorry for the long letter but I want to give you a good understanding of what an amazing man my dad is and what he means to us all! Thank you for any info on any owners who are nearby or organizations that might be able to attend. Also, I will help with accommodations for 1 night for anyone traveling from afar. I would really like to make this a big surprise for my dad and something he talks about for years to come.

Anne Boyens