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10-16-2017, 12:45 PM
I have a 6 volt, single speed Redmond wiper motor that is mounted in a 54 Studebaker sedan. It has a single pair of wires from the motor to the switch, black and yellow. The switch is a three terminal assembly. The shop manual for this model indicates that a two speed wiper motor assembly is what was installed. SI catalog shows only one model and one part number for the wiper motor. In all respects the motor I have is identical to the two speed units. I believe I purchased this from a vendor to replace the original that was also single speed.

My question, is did some Studebaker models have single speed wipers and/or were they an option?
Is the Redmond motor assembly and switch I have not Studebaker?

10-16-2017, 01:57 PM
I've not heard of a 1 speed motor option before. My '53 K has its original 2 speed Redmond 6v wiper motor. Not sure why they'd have had a 1 speed optional motor as the standard wiper motor was a vacuum one with the 2 speed electric being optional. That would make for 3 different wiper options.

Its been a while since I looked at this, but are all the switch terminals used in your car? Motor grounds to the firewall so my recollection is the wires from the switch go to the motor power input wires only. The parking switch is in the motor gearhead.

10-16-2017, 03:03 PM
The electric wiper in my 51 is single speed with no parking circuit. It's merely off or on.

10-16-2017, 03:06 PM
Don't know if this helps, but I have a Redmond wiper motor similar to the one you have pictured that is installed on my 1951 Land Cruiser. As far as I know, the motor only has one speed OR it may have two speeds but is limited to the wiper switch only being able to move to one position (meaning one speed possible). In the 1951 accessory brochure, Studebaker indicates that electric wipers are standard on all commander models and extra cost on all others.

10-16-2017, 03:29 PM
I believe, what the shop manual says is correct, all $53 & '54 models came with two speed electric wipers. It's certainly possible that someone could have installed parts from an earlier model, that may have been more readily available, for whatever reason?


10-16-2017, 05:41 PM
I bought this 54 Champion sedan 30 years ago and it was 30 years old then. It sat in my yard for a good number of years before I could start working on it and as far as I know the wiper motor assembly was original, it failed because it was badly rusted. I therefore replaced it with the same model that was originally on it. Any thing is possible it could have been changed or it could be an early model that was discontinued for the two speed models. I don't know for sure where I bought the second motor but it is also a single speed Redmond.

10-16-2017, 05:46 PM
Like Roy, my '51 electric motor is only one speed; my '53 is two speed.

10-16-2017, 07:05 PM
Some years ago I parted out a 53 pickup and maybe it had a single speed motor, I don't know.