View Full Version : Bringing salvaged M-series C9-cab specific parts to Reedsville ....

10-11-2017, 01:42 PM
Hello readers. In a post from mid-February 2017 I spoke of salvaging parts from a very worn-out 1945 M15-28 truck before the owner of the towing yard took the hulk to a scrapyard for final disposition. That post was here:

Now I have everything that I think is worth saving stripped from the cab, and will bring it with me on Saturday 10/28/17 to the Reedsville get-together.
Frankly, though, I'd be much more motivated to do that if there was an attendee (or more than 1) who'd be wanting to buy the parts from me. I have $150 into this endeavor already, so let's say a minimum of $160 for the lot (I mean, $10 for the effort of stripping it all breaks down to maybe $0.75 per hour). If you're seriously interested in taking possession of these unique items, please say so here or via the PM feature. Let's say: last call by the night of October 25. Please realize that these parts are not pristine; they're coming off a truck that was obviously left to return to nature !! All metal parts that were exposed to the elements have rust.
Here's what I have (I'll try posting photos):

The complete windshield frame (glass still intact but cracked) including both hinges (P/N 649620,1,2,3 P) and both pivoting arms (P/N 649609P).
The driver's side wiper motor assembly (still attached to the windshield frame) (P/N 651782P)
The wingnutted hardware sets that tighten the pivot arms and hold the windshield open.
The mounting bases (for the cab's windshield frame) to which the wingnutted hardware sets attach (P/N 651295, I think).
The metal glove box (which is intact, but pretty rusty) with its rear mounting brace.
Both side windows: the glass isn't the important part; the metal frame that surrounds the window is the unique part.
Both metal door panels. They are rusty at the bottom edges, with the passenger side more so than the driver's.

I think that's all. If you readers know there are other C9-specific parts that I haven't mentioned, please let me know and if I got them but haven't removed them, I'll do so.