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04-08-2017, 03:50 PM
I bought a windshield for a 1964 Daytona long time ago and I'm wondering if it fits all models 64 to 66 ??
For some reason I keep thinking that this windshield came out of a wagon .. Not sure if it is or not but
would like to know .. Thanks ..

04-08-2017, 03:56 PM
The wagon and convertible windshields are the same The rest are different in height, Ed

04-08-2017, 08:09 PM
Yes the '64 Sedan and Hardtop W/S fits all of the same, on '65 & '66 Models.

Also the '64 Wagon, Wagonaire and Convertible Windshields are also ALL Model '63 Lark Windshields, these "wrap" more at the Top and are taller than Sedans.

04-08-2017, 08:24 PM
So what are the measurements so I can measure this windshield ?
I will sell it if its for a wagon or convertible but keep it if its for a sedan or hardtop .

04-09-2017, 08:29 PM
You could measure your Sedan/Hardtop and compare it to the loose one.

04-09-2017, 08:36 PM
It's like about an inch higher

04-10-2017, 03:36 PM
Ok thanks ..
I sold my sedan but have a parts car and I will check it out ..
Thanks ..

04-10-2017, 05:36 PM
As a point of interest..., I was looking for a sedan windshield and wound up getting two from Bob Peterson. Turns out they were convertible/wagon windshields. It was just the last 1-1/2" or so across the top that was about 1/2" high (mostly as it swooped to the corner). Since he needed one too he cut the corner, I believe with just an angle grinder and an abrasive disc. He then set out to doing the same for my two telling me that if they broke/cracked there would be no charge. Turns out all three were cut without damage. The ends were a bit coarse when I got them but the glass was soft and sandpaper smoothed that over.

So, I can't say the glass wouldn't break but given that there were six corners cut without breakage there is at least hopeful. I tell you this because when I called Phillips Glass about a year ago and inquired about the 64-66 sedan windshield I was told they had ONE left. I then inquired if they would be getting anymore and the woman said, "Not likely." While a number of people have stated that the windshields are readily available I had found them extremely limited (and potentially diminishing). Also, not sure how far you are from a source but it was going to cost me roughly $550+ to get one to the west coast.

04-11-2017, 09:20 PM
Thanks for the info .. I don't have any sedans/hardtops for those years but with how much I like them I might end up with one .. SO if it was for a wagon or convertible I would sell it to someone in need as I have little interest in them ..