View Full Version : GT Glass needed....

Lou Van Anne
04-07-2017, 12:39 PM
Anyone have a driver's side rear window, tinted? :confused:

04-07-2017, 02:45 PM
I've got one on the shelf. I'll have to check on the tint. Let you know tomorrow when I get to the shop.

04-15-2017, 05:32 AM
Mine is not tinted.

04-17-2017, 12:36 AM
I will try to look tomorrow to see if mine are tinted.

04-17-2017, 11:04 PM
Sorry, my glass is not tinted. I have a '63 GT that I am parting out and have lots of misc. parts (trim, hood, doors, side windows and rear glass, doors, hood, dash with guages and rear seat. No engine, trans or frame. Anyone interested in any or all parts give me a pm. Cheap, cheap. I prefer not to ship.

04-20-2017, 10:56 PM
I got one. I went down and looked some of the GT Hawks I got , and one had them. Out of a 63