View Full Version : 2017 South Bend Truck Farmer Group Photo Challenge

04-04-2017, 08:03 PM
Fellow Truck Farmers,
Last year, before Chuck Naugle's illness got the best of him, I had the idea that in 2017 we should try to duplicate the 1997 S.B. Truck Farmer Photo that appeared on the cover of the November 97 Turning Wheels. A 20th anniversary photo in honor of Chuck, and memory of others in the photo that are no longer with us if you want to call it that. I mentioned this idea to Chuck's Daughter Pat, and she said if he would be up to the trip, she would do her best to get Chuck to the meet. Well, as we all know, sadly that will not happen.
I feel that the 1997 photo is probably the largest group photo of Hee-Haw Bib wearing Truck Farmers to exist. Anyone think differently?
I hereby ask that any and all Truck Farmers with Hee-Haw Bibs please bring them to the South Bend meet next month for another photo. Details on the time and location will be announced later. Please feel free to respond here if you can join us!