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  1. Welcome to the 54th Annual SDC International Meet!
  2. More information coming soon!
  3. 2018 International Meet on Facebook
  4. Making a room reservation at LaQuinta Hotel for the 2018 International Convention
  5. Temperature range for late August?
  6. A few facts about the dates and location of the 2018 International Meet in Tacoma, WA.
  7. A Special Presentation at the 2018 International Meet
  8. Tacoma meet itinerary
  9. Tacoma 2018 International Meet Website is LIVE!!
  10. You're going to Tacoma in August....Register now, and save a few bucks
  11. Lemay Marymount Tour
  12. Tacoma International Meet Flyers
  13. Whale watching in Tacoma area
  14. PRE-REGISTRATION deadline of April 30 approaching
  15. Airport to LaQuinta Hotel
  16. A note regarding fire extinguishers for judges and display cars at the tacoma international meet
  17. A note concerning fire extinguishers for the international meet in tacoma, wa
  18. A note regarding fire extinguishers at the International Meet in Tacoma, Wa.
  19. An article on Fire Extinguishers
  20. Caravans home from Tacoma
  21. Vancouver Mainland Club members heading to 54th INT meet - Tacoma
  22. Room at Host Hotel Cancelled
  23. Schedule of Event Changes
  24. 2018 SDC Meet Schedule
  25. So where o Where do Motorhomes go
  26. IM Final Schedule?
  27. SDC International Meet Schedule is FINAL
  28. Outside Swap Meet Availability
  29. Judging
  30. Rain Dance
  31. Transportationfrom the Seattle Tacoma Airport
  32. trailering from Canada to US
  33. What to pack to wear in Tacoma?
  34. Gas Question?
  36. Anyone with a room to share?
  37. Fire Extinguisher
  38. 65 Avantis To Be Given Away
  39. Award
  40. Who can go to the swap meet?
  41. International meet cancellation
  42. Late Registration Question
  43. International SDC Thinktank
  44. The meet - photos
  45. Bell's Diner and Studebaker Museum
  46. Big THANK YOU
  47. 54th Annual SDC International Meet Photos - Contributors Welcome
  48. 2018 Editors' Awards?
  49. October Turning wheels