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  1. Welcome to the 53rd Annual SDC International Meet!
  2. South Bend 2017 International Meet Forum
  3. Movin' time...?
  4. 2017 South Bend Studebaker Convention Schedule
  5. 2017 SDC meet, South Bend
  6. Application form for meet for national meet
  7. Toy show/pocket watch judging
  8. IT'S LIVE...Registrations can now be made!!
  9. Register for the meet!!
  10. Doubletree Room Rate for the meet
  11. Early registration for the meet ends January 31st
  12. Is the SDC room rate of $125/night applicable on Saturday May 6?
  13. Drag racing?
  14. Last day to Register for the 2017 International Meet and save some $$$
  15. A few Statisticts for the 2017 International Meet thus far
  16. More stats on Registrations for the upcoming May International Meet in South Bend
  17. Where and When is the 2018 International Meet
  18. shuttle buses
  19. Swap meet space
  20. Question on arrival and building 84 tour
  21. Want to see your name and car in print during the convention??
  22. Questions about Proving Ground tour and Blgd. 84 tour.
  23. Help needed.
  24. Needed: room at the Inn at St. Mary's
  25. New statistics on planning for the 2017 International Convention in South Bend as of February 27
  26. First Call: Anyone need parts hauled to South Bend from the Northwest?
  27. room mate
  28. Awards Banquet
  29. An update on reservations for the 2017 International Meet in South Bend
  30. Taking orders for parts NLA and hard to find items Post your want/needs
  31. Current registration information on the International Meet in South Bend this year
  32. International steering wheel swap - '60 Lark
  33. Let me know what sheet metal, chrome or other parts I can bring to the meet
  34. "Wait List" for Bldg 84 Tour and Test Track?
  35. Registration in formation as of Sunday April (
  36. Has anyone had any luck cancelling their registration?
  37. Pardon the questions, but....
  38. Proving Ground Ticket for you
  39. Membership meeting on Thursday night
  40. Room available
  41. Cancellation Policy for all Studebaker Conventions
  42. GT hawk body parts, engine, tran, diff.
  43. Updated Registrations as of April 18
  44. 2017 March TW
  45. Swap meet space confirmation
  46. Do YOU need a host hotel room?
  47. Exit 72 on 80/90 is Closed
  48. Vendor Tables
  49. More Notices Coming
  50. AOAI members
  51. Vendor Setup Time for 2017 Convention Details
  52. 2017 Car Corral
  53. Washing your Car in South Bend
  54. Hours for Fairgrounds for the 2017 Studebaker Convention
  55. Car Haulers at the 2017 Convention
  56. Judges Needed for 2017 Convention
  57. Directions to the Fairgrounds
  58. Proving Ground Tickets
  59. More spots available for the building 84 tour!
  60. Registration Pick up
  61. Parking charges at various sites around South Bend
  62. Tables for the 2017 Convention are all Rented!
  63. I think this is a meet I would kick myself for not attending
  64. Junior Judging at the 2017 Studebaker Convention
  65. Parade to Downtown South Bend
  66. Important Details on the Building 84 Tour
  67. ASC Host room available SpringHill Suites 2017
  68. Tickets for dinner on Thurs?
  69. & while I'm asking, anyone have open room for 2 for the Proving Grounds?
  70. Looking for m5 truck fenders
  71. First Night Friday May 5th
  72. Current Registration totals for Saturday April 29th
  73. Other museums worth a visit while in South Bend
  74. pocket watch judging
  75. Information on the Proving Grounds Tour-Please Read
  76. Thanks to These Trophy Sponsors!
  77. The Trek To SB Is Underway; Longest Distance In A Stude Award?
  78. Vendors Night
  79. Drive through judging timing
  80. Proving ground ticket available
  81. swap meet
  82. Cooperator session
  83. gt hawk grille. misc Lark parts
  84. Building 84 and Proving Grounds Tickets available
  85. proving ground test track
  86. Anyone that can take a box and small trim pkg to MN?
  87. Big Thank You To The Michiana Chapter For An Outstanding 2017 SDC Meet !
  88. Humbled by Friends; MANY thanks
  89. Meet Videos On The SDC YouTube Channel
  90. Building 84 Tour
  91. A big Thanks from the Michiana Chapter
  92. My thoughts of the International meet in SB.
  93. Proving grounds disappointment
  94. Electronic Judging of Studebakers at South Bend
  95. Disappointments at International meet
  96. Over all Good time.
  97. Abbreviated International Meet thoughts
  98. Disappointment At The 2017 SDC Int'l Meet
  99. Thank you South Bend team
  100. Thanks to the guy in the blue 63 convertible 4 speed
  101. Side effects of International meet
  102. '61 Lark Convert in For Sale Section of Meet
  103. Thanks