View Full Version : 2016: 52nd Annual Studebaker Drivers Club International Meet

  1. Welcome to the 52nd Annual SDC International Meet!
  2. Something For Football Fans!
  3. We are registered!
  4. Driving the Power Hawk to RI...
  5. We're raring to go
  6. Issues with online registration.
  7. Advertising International Meet
  8. RI meet hotel reservation issues
  9. Rooms at the Crown Plaza
  10. Host Hotel overflow Hotels
  11. Challenge to all Zone Directors
  12. 2017 south bend meet
  13. Hotel rooms for Warwick
  14. For Warwick attendees, please read!
  15. T-Minus 12 Days and Counting
  16. We are HERE
  17. A big thank you to the committee and the volunteers who organized and worked at warwick
  18. south bend meet hotel
  19. Are judging results available?
  20. 2016 SDC Meet photos